NIL means nothing. Literally. The word itself is a synonym for 0. To both of their Berlin based creators it means everything. The sound of NIL is an eclectic fusion of contemporary pop, electronic beats and a pinch of Berlin Techno. NIL lives in an open relationship with the creative world. Always looking for dancers, performers, visual artists and storytellers to collaborate with. What started as a music project soon blurred the lines between creative disciplines. All this merges together into nothing or in other words: NIL.

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NIL’s debut album ‘Modus’ is the soundtrack to a film that’s never been made. Mixing music, storytelling and striking visuals, ‘Modus’ tells the story of a young knights struggles through losing his kingdom, navigating the dark underbelly of society, rampant orgies and eventually discovering that a world without pain is not one worth living in. The visual world was created by swedish illustrator Johannes Helgelin Hald. 

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